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Leisure Time

Some atractions during Sudety MTB Challenge:
- Prologue and 1st stage (town Stronie Slaskie):
* bear cave
* old uranium mine
* Klodzko (old town, fortress) - 20 km from Stronie Slaskie, 10 km from Bardo (2nd stage finish town)
* lake, open swimming pool and beach
- 2nd stage (town Bardo):
* Rock labyrinths in National Park Table Mountains - (about 40 km from Bardo)
* Gold mine in town Zloty Stok - (about 35 km from Bardo)
* Fortress in Silver Mountain - (about 15 km from Bardo)
* White water rafting and kayaking 
- 3rd, 4th and 5th stage (town Gluszyca):
* Undergroud City - (5 km from Gluszyca)
* Ksiaz Castle - (20 km from Gluszyca)
* Trout fishing (web only in polish), 2 km from Gluszyca, wonderful and tasty trouts (anyone can catch your own fish)
Rock Town - (Czech Republic, about 30 km from Gluszyca, good idea for all day trip)