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22 – 27.07.2018

Where & When

Date: Wednesday, July 26th, 2017
Start Time: 10:00
Distance: 74 km
Ascent 2317 m
Track GPS: Route Analyser
Highest Point: 1076 m above the sea level
Difficulty (1 - 6): ☆☆☆☆
Stage Description:

Physically challenging, rich in technical sections – the stage ending in Bardo.
Beating the first kilometers is the perfect way to warm up before the challenge awaiting us in the further part of the stage.
After the first not-so-demanding climb we reach the asphalt forest road. Whoever got the skills, is now able to feel the real speed. Suddenly… a sharp turn to the right, into the Red Trail and from that point the real fight begins: Mountain-biker vs. Sudety! A piece of a steep climb and we reach the ridge.

The initially flat single-trail opens out into a technical, steep downhill. Two kilometres of a fierce ride. Then a while to catch a breath and after a while we enter the fast, narrow path near Szeroka Kopa. The clear-out we’ve done in 2015 to prepare this section will let you to feel the full speed!
We get to a gravel road – and it’s a few kilometers along this kind of surface now. This is another good opportunity to unwind, as this section leads us to a proper piece of trail. This for many will be the first real test of the preparedness for Sudety MTB Challenge.

A narrow path, 20 kilometres long made of climbs and descents. It requires full concentration and commitment to the ride. This section is a real "March or Die". A feed station in the middle of this section will surely do its job and another feed zone will be the confirmation, that you have won the battle against this really demanding segment.

And now for the next cult place – the Borówkowa Mountain. This technical, long uphill will certainly take its toll. But at the end the prize awaits – an over 2 km long descent. Technical, enchanting and very, very fast. The feeling of discovering new, amazing spots always accompanies us as we ride down the Borówkowa.

Immediately after that another demanding climb begins – the uphill to Jaworowa Pass. It’s technically easy and steep, we’d say ultra-steep at some point. Next 20km will totally discharge your battery… Flat, winding, forest and gravel roads. This section encourages the pursuit of those in front of us. A short, steep climb to Mount Kalwaria, and the last downhill during this stage. Fast, very dangerous and really exciting. We get to the main asphalt road. Unlike in previous years we turn right. Then a piece of asphalt road and 4km of forest roads (gentle uphill and long and fast downhill section) lead riders to Janowiec. From this point it's only 3km more of tarmac and we cross the Stage 3 finish line. Hope you reached it in one piece! 

Feed Stations: 1. 25 km 2. 35 km 3. 53 km
Localization: START line (Stronie Slaskie) Google Maps
FINISH line (Bardo/Przyłęk) Google Maps

START line - STAGE 3, distance CLASSIC

FINISH line - STAGE 3, distance CLASSIC (Race Village)