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22 – 27.07.2018

Where & When

Date: Thursday, July 27th, 2017
Start Time: 10:00 a.m.
Distance: 55 km
Ascent 1981 m
Track GPS: Route Analyser
Highest Point: 1007 m above sea level
Difficulty (1 - 6): ☆☆☆☆
Stage Description: The shortest stage of Sudety MTB Challenge 2017. Short, but certainly not easy or boring. A constant roller coaster - that's how it's going to be that day. Initial 10km is a solid warm-up. Unfortunately, this year we're not going to ride along the blue trail as it leads through the newly established storks protection zone. Instead we were forced to lead you through gently sloping asphalt roads. Uphill to Wilcza pass will be the first main physical difficulty of the stage. A few kilometres of nice and fast forest path and you will reach the technical sections of the stage. Initially a ride through a 30m high narrow aqueduct. Past the viaduct we reach a short downhill. It is short indeed, but surely the steepest one during whole race. Who can beat it in the saddle? Once you've done it it's time for a few kilometre piece of gentle ride along the blue trail. This is how we reach to the first new feature of this classic Sudety MTB Challenge Stage. Thanks to the courtesy of mountain bikers from Srebrna Góra you will be able to ride through a fragment of "Srebrna Góra Enduro Trails". Short, but quad-burning climbs and hammering descents lead you to the Woliborska Pass.We beat another kilometres along the red trail, and we attack a short, yet the steepest uphill
of the stage. For those indifferent to the beauty of the mountains, the winding path around the rocks at the Kalenica hilltop is a real reward for the toils of this hard, technical uphill. We leave the climb behind. A piece of a fast, pleasant downhill and we reach the last technical uphill along this stage – a climb through to Kozia Równia. Loose rocks, roots, and… fatigue. These are the main problems to solve now. A short, steep descent and a final struggle – an uphill leading to Wielka Sowa top. The flat section to the peak of Mała Sowa, and the fast (for some a bit slower ;-)), truly difficult downhill segment along the yellow trail, leading to Walim. In the area of the old quarry, we turn to the left and we enter the black trail. We get to the Grządki village. The red trail section, known from previous years, leads us to the blue trail. The ending section is the blue trail – which means wide and fast gravels. And so we get to the finish line. Recover well, tomorrow the last stage of the race! 
Feed Stations: 1. 20 km 2. 43 km
Localization: START line (Bardo) - Google Maps
FINISH line - timing (Gluszyca) - Google Maps
Finish line - Race Village (Głuszyca) - Google Maps


START line - STAGE 4, distance CLASSIC 

FINISH line (timing) - STAGE 4, distance CLASSIC

Race Village -  after STAGE 4