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Where & When

Date: Wednesday, July 25th, 2018
Start Time:

Classic Distance - 10:00 a.m.

Mega Distance - 10:00 a.m.


Classic Distance - 56,6 km

Mega Distance - 47,5 km


Classic Distance - 2020 m

Mega Distance - 1623 m

Track GPS:

Classic Distance Route Analyser

Mega Distance Route Analyser

Highest point:

Classic Distance - 1007 m asl

Mega Distance - 1007 m asl

Difficulty (1 - 6): ☆☆☆☆
Stage Description: The shortest stage, but rich in new bits. First km's will warm you up before the true MTB segments kick in. A ride through the A-Line of Srebrna Góra Enduro Trails is really something else! Add the completely new 1km long single track - the Rymarz - and you really cannot complain on boredom on this transfer stage to Głuszyca.
 1. 19 km –  A-Line Tras Enduro Srebrna Góra. Over 3 km (300m of vertical descent) of mad downhilling! Ultra fast single tracks, berms, corners, small drops (yes, there are chicken lines!)
 2. 39 km – Rymarz, the great discovery of 2018 Totally new bit on the Sudety MTB Challenge Route! 1 km of single track on rolling hills in a beautifull surroundings of a mysterious forest. 
 3. 46 km – a descent from Mała Sowa, which takes its toll every year. Seemingly easy, but in reality requires constant concentration.
Feed Stations: Classic: 1. 17 km   2. 41 km   Mega: 1. 17 km   2. 32 km 

START line - Classic, Mega distance (Bardo), Google Map

FINISH line - Classic, Mega distance (Gluszyca), Google Maps

BASE CAMP & BIKE PARK (Gluszyca) Google Maps

START line - STAGE 3, distance CLASSIC, MEGA

FINISH line - STAGE 3, distance CLASSIC and MEGA