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22 – 27.07.2018

Where & When

Date: Friday, July 28th, 2017
Start Time: 10:00
Distance: 70 km
Ascent 1776 m
Track GPS: Route Analyser
Highest Point: 1012 m above the sea level
Difficulty (1 - 6): ☆☆☆
Stage Description: The 5th day of the Challenge might be the easiest technically, but long uphill sections will surely make everyone tired – even those still with a large energy supply. Varied landscapes give us the impression of beating an enormous distance in the mountains.
The beginning of the stage are the gravel roads. A short technical single-track is a sign, that we soon should reach the famous Spicak. We get near the summit and from there we ride along the border road, with its two really steep downhills. There’s a trench along the middle of the path, worn away by the rain, so you have to be careful. When marking the route, we were barely able to beat it by car ;-)
From this point we ride along wide gravel roads to the Pod Czarnochem Pass. Now we have to beat an over 10km long demanding path, leading towards the border. Steep climbs and a surface, that doesn’t allow to go too fast. And before we reach the asphalt road, we must get through some more mud.
We arrive at the Tłumaczów village. This means we have to overcome a long and steep asphalt climb.
A piece of a downhill over some damaged asphalt and we get to Radkowa. Here awaits one of the longest uphills of the race. Short, tiring technical sections, forest roads, trails and meadows. And all this time it’s uphill, uphill, uphill…
Pretty tired we get to the buffet in Karłów. A piece of an asphalt downhill. We enter the Green Trail. We ride down, through the meadows and along tarmac road.
And after that we have to fight against one more "fight".
The last section is a "up and down", almost 2km long, technical demanding single-track.
We get to Kudowa, where the Race began, but...
Feed Stations: 1. 22 km   2. 38 km   3. 58 km
Localization: START (Głuszyca) -  Google Maps
FINISH line (Kudowa Zdrój) - Google Maps

START Line - STAGE 5, distance CLASSIC

FINISH Line - STAGE 5, distance CLASSIC