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22 – 27.07.2018


Six days of racing will test your physical and mental endurance. One of the fundamental rules of cycling says, that if you want to ride hard, you need to rest even harder. In order to provide riders with the best conditions for recovery we offer a range of conveniences, that will let you focus only on riding and resting.

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Sleep is a powerful weapon and the best “legal-doping”. This is why we have prepared an offer of accommodation in high standard hotels along. You will not have to worry about the transfers as we also provide transport to/from your place of residence. Pack your bag, drop it off, leave your bike at a guarded bike park and kick your feet back in a comfortable bed.



Another step – refueling. To be ready for the next day battle you need to replenish lost calories and nutrients. Our full-board (breakfasts, dinners and feed stations) will never let you bonk. Fresh fruit and vegetables, grains, bread, meat, legumes, diary and sweets are going to wait for you from the dinner on July 24th till breakfast on the 29th.

Tired leg and fresh leg are two different legs. Ask any pro rider and he or she will tell you that there is nothing like a good massage. A team of experienced masseurs will wait for you after each stage, ready to fix your tired body.



But it is not only the rider that needs care during a demanding stage race like Sudety MTB Challenge. Rough terrain will strain your bike, which can sometimes result in more serious mechanical defect. If it happens to you – do not worry. Sudety MTB Challenge service crew is a true legend. “Magicians”, “impossible is nothing”, “unbelievable” – this is what you can hear around our service area when the riders are collecting their gear after the “therapy”.


So all you have to do is ride – we can take care of the rest.