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It is so far again, the Sudety MTB Challenge is knocking on the door, time to get nimble and get ready for it.

Those being familiar with bike racing have a pretty decent clue what its associated with it. Yet, a weeklong stage race is anything but walking in the park, so some essentials are needed all the same. So what are these absolute, but maybne not so obvious, musts you need to take with you?


-     A weather proof gear. Sure its summer time, mind you, the elements can turn nasty, you are better off having a fairly resistant apparel at hand. Remember, mountainous conditions are unstable. An extra pair of all gears is recommended, whereby the goes for the shoes too.
-    Earplugs. At a stage race, a fair amount of regeneration measures are key. Fatigue is very quick to get to you, thus it wears you down quicker than under different circumstances. Just make sure, all bothering gadgets gets turned off so that you enjoy a sweet sleep to be ready for the rumble the next day 
-    Medicine/medicinal stuff. Even though this will be provided, please get reminded to bring your personal medicine, like aspirin, painkillers / anti-inflammatory drugs, drugs against sore throat , drugs against insect, antihisthamines (in case of allergy)  , sunscreen , lipstick , something again sunburn, bum-cream, eye drops. This way you make sure that any possibility of an inconvenient DNF is hugely eliminated 
-    Hair dryer which can be used for different purposes [see point Nr 1]
-    Baby wipes, an exceptionally versatile stuff that can be used multi - purposely 
-    Rags for dirt stuff [gears, bike, etc.]
-    Plastic bags. Again something very versatile to be used to cover your electronics in rainy conditions and usable as great protections in unfriendly conditions
-    Spare parts and tools- especially most of all if your bikes needs non-standard tools. The same applies here too: take along a spare one. Additional sealing kit, tires, brake pads, pump, etc. 
-     Warm gears/apparels like bandana, vest, and jacket. Obviously its summer time, however bear in mind that in this mountains part of Poland, the weather is hugely unpredictable and irregular. Set up your gear to feel comfortable and avoid nasty freezing/cold moments out there.


Everybody has its own preferences and it’s all very individual, so you are free to have your preferred tools, spare parts and gears. The above recommendations are just that: recommendations based on our long lasting experiences under this conditions being prevalent the Sudety MTB Challenge race goes through. Prepare a short checklist before every stage, review what’s needed, what’s not and adjust accordingly. Did we miss something? Any tips on your part? What tells your personal experience? Add it to your personal list of must haves.

Here's our checklist