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Kaněra takes the lead, another Polish team out of the race

Albeit there are 2 more stages to go to cement the final GC, according to Kanera the 4th stage has been crucial to gain back lost time as well as build a healthy buffer, just in case.
And that exactly happened. He didn’t wait for a second to watch his opponents how the go about their business. Instead he pushed form the word zero to make sure, the ting is nailed down.
“Just hope, no misfortune occurs to me. I am not anxious, but I would love to make it as smooth as possible. I rely on my support crew, but I ought to be watchful also. This races is so specific, there barely any parallels to other races.” said the Czech rider.

Arnaud Allemand got next to five minutes, despite his intention to limit the losses or keep up with the very strong Kanera. Nothing doing. The Czech rider meant business again.
The same was true for Llordella. Though he had good chances to lower the losses on downhill sections, ether were as many opportunities, also given the shortness of the stage of 52 km.
“I knew Kanera is very strong, no doubt about that, but look I have been in scenarios were my chances were minimal… and made it ultimately.” told the Spaniard before the start of the stage.
He came in third at the end of the day, must be happy though havening made through sans mechanical and any other mishaps. Which can’t be said for plenty of others that didn’t cope as well with those numerous gnarly rock garden-like sections that littered the parcour.
In the team competition the field started with one highly ranked team less: for team Eurobike /Vimar Specialized with Kaiser and Miroslaw, the series of disasters didn’t want to an end, thus after 3 days struggling with numerous flats snapped chain and what not, there was no point in moving on. This doesn’t lessen the competitive spirit of the field, quite the opposite, team Romet did all in their power to make sure their GC place isn’t not threatened. Sadly though they could deliver the performance they did in the previous stages, they had to pull out of the because of Dominik Grządziel's nasty crash on one of the descents.

Team MTB Arnheim kept their steadiness and keep their distance constant.
After yesterday success of the Polish team consisting of Urbaniak and Czerniak, meant to prove today that their performance wasn’t a one off, their result of today makes the exciting race in the rest 2 stages. Behind the Polish team Team MTB Arnheim scored second followed by Team Pronghorn.
Melanie Spaeth delivered a neat performance again, and in her solo woman category there isn’t really anyone could threaten her excellent GC placement.
Despite her background form road her off-road skills are nothing but a master class. Ivone Kraft, right behind her, is no slouch either, let alone her downhill, but Melanie’s uphill prowess is hard to beat in this field.Chasing Spath isn’t Kraft’s only problem:
My legs are coming around, but I am concerned about the shoulder. It's sore and isn’t getting any better.

The penultimate stage starts on Friday in Głuszyca and ends in Duszniki Zdrój. Almost 75 km makes it the second longest one of the race, and the final climb to Zieleniec will test the riders' power and freshness.