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Dlaczego Sudety MTB Challenge?

You probably know the Swiss Alps, Italian Dolomites, Chilean Andes, American Rockies and other mountain ranges. Sudety, maybe not as famous as their “colleagues” in Western countries, stretches from Eastern Germany along the northern border of the Czech Republic to south western region of Poland – the Lower Silesia.


Why we’ve decided to do a mountain bike race here? First of all – the trails. It is a mixture of wild nature and pure MTB flow. Most of the forests in Poland are public so we have almost a free hand in terms of setting the race route, so we can show you the most beautiful and fun places. Obviously, we also attach great importance to nature protection. This is what Mike from MTBMarathon.com has to say about the race course:

Pure, un-buffed mountain biking. On trails that don’t thumb their nose at IMBA design, they have been developed by the passage of time, feet and hooves. Many of them have been there for centuries. You race over trails that have been used to connect villages, separate nations, fight wars, and pick mushrooms. It beats any trail centre you have visited.


Sudety is not a remote area with no connection to civilization and culture. You race in a centuries-old multicultural surrounding (reaching back to Celtic times), which means, that taking part in Sudety MTB Challenge becomes something more than just a bike race. Wide leisure offer makes it so easy, to transform your stay into an entertaining family holiday. Relax in an almost 400 year-old spa Kudowa Zdrój, visit historical goldmines in Złoty Stok, medieval Chojnik Castle,18th century Srebrna Góra fortress or go for a trip to unique sandstone “rock towns” in Stołowe Mountains. There is a variety of options for a pre or post-race activities. No boredom guaranteed.


We know that some riders from around the world may feel a bit insecure about coming to Poland. Over 40 years of being under soviet influence had a huge impact on our country and its worldwide image, but since then we have really caught up A LOT! We are a legit EU country and much has been done in terms of infrastructure and culture. Over the years dozens of riders from 42 countries have participated in our race and they loved it. So, let us dispel your doubts and uncertainty with a little Q&A:

  • Are there polar bears walking the streets?
    No. It’s way too hot for them :-)

  • Are there any paved roads that my car can ride?
    Yes – we have hundreds of kilometers of brand new asphalt roads.

  • Do you have internet there?
    Correct – Wi-Fi is almost as common as tap water.

  • Are there any ATMs or can I pay with a credit card?
    Yep – you can pay with your credit card (or a cell phone) even for a newspaper in a kiosk.

  • Are there any hotels or do I have to live in a tent or a motorhome?
    Lower Silesia is a developed region, so there is no need to worry about the accommodation. There is a variety of high-standard hotels available.

  • Why is it so cheap ?! It almost looks like a scam!
    We know that other stage races are “n” times more expensive than Sudety MTB Challenge, but that’s the way it is.