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Bartek Janowski (POL) took first stage

Today’s stage with 68 kilometer-long route and over 2,4km of ascent, rider of Romet Team won with no discussing having over 14 minute advantage on second rider. The same way Polish rider strengthened safely his leading position in Open and Solo M1 category. Today route was the most difficult considering total ascent amount. We had several climbs with culmination on 1275 m a.s.l. next to shelter below Śnieżnik Peak.


But all climbs were leading quite technically simple grave roads. Beside them there were located some very extreme and demanding descent among which we could distinguish especially long one from Śnieźnik Shelter and the last one from Black Mountain Peak.


That one, steep and narrow with some high rock obstacles and drops, became extremely difficult, after thunderstorm with heavy rain shower which occurred ca. after 3 hours of racing. Today’s stage we should consider as one of the easiest in race considering technical skills, but the very physically demanding.


For technical routes hotheads we still have the best ahead. First team today were Czech riders Martin Horak and Michal Kanera from Rubena Ghost racing Team. We are looking forward tomorrow with the easiest route of Challenge, and with no rain showers any more. Results after first stage - click

Rest good, it was just a warm up.